Why are winter roost sites important?

Why winter roost sites are so important for birds?

Blue tit using box -6

The reason for this is, the winters in the UK can vary massively they can be short or they can be long, like snow in April, when birds are normally nesting.  In the month of February birds are on the lookout for a nest site, they like to have a nest site with a good flight path, dry and that is predator proof.

For birds to be successful in the breeding season they must be able to get their body weight up to its maximum, the most important month for them to achieve this is March. This will help with the production of how many fertile eggs are laid and then hopefully many young birds will fledge from the nest. Will the adult birds have enough strength and energy to feed their young?

When most chicks hatch they are bald and this is a crucial time for them until they start to grow their feathers to keep warm.

Making sure that we are mindful of providing suitable nest sites for birds and bats in the UK is extremely important to their survival. The connection with the seasons is a wonderful thing for us humans knowing that spring is on its way.  Let’s not lose the connection.