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We receive more enquiries  from architects than any other professional population; we do therefore have deep experience of the type of issues you are frequently faced with.  Answers to the most common queries are set out below, however please contact us should you require clarification on any points.

  • Boxes are manufactured from recycled polypropylene, brick slivers are (normally) cut from the same bricks used in the host wall and bonded to the front of the box. The front of the box is retained by four stainless steel screws, however this can be made fixed (non-removable) if preferred.
  • Metric and most imperial bricks can be accommodated, as can most bonds, including Stretcher (half bond), Flemish, English (quarter bond) and Soldier bond.
  • A stainless steel mesh is fitted to the front instead of brick slivers in some cases, for example to ensure good adhesion to stonework or render.
  • In many cases we are able to adapt the basic designs to accommodate unusual requirements, for example non-standard bricks or a target bird or bat species not in our list. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.
  • The bird brick house box is seamless when fitted in the host wall, all our boxes are supplied unpointed, so the mortar will match onsite.
  • The box is not deep enough to bridge the cavity and will not affect the insulation properties of the building.
  • Being fitted in the non-load bearing outside skin, no lintel is required.
  • Bird Brick Houses’ design is protected by UK patents and European rights of design.
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Oxford Case Study

Swifts around nest holes in Charlbury, Oxfordshire
Swifts around nest holes in Charlbury, Oxfordshire

We were contacted in September 2014 by a client enquiring about swift boxes. They were having some building work to an outbuilding that had been used by swifts in the past as a nest site. The building was made of stone and they wanted us to supply a number of boxes which would be faced with stone on-site. We supplied the client with stainless steel mesh fronted swift boxes with nest cups fitted and these were fitted into the stone gable during construction by the client's builders. The work was duly completed and in the summer of 2015, six months after the boxes were installed, a pair of swifts successfully bred from one of our boxes. The picture above shows a stainless steel mesh fronted bat box similar to the one we supplied; the second picture shows the box faced with stone and incorporated into the gable. Above right, the pair of swifts that successfully nested and fledged in that first summer.


“The service provided by Bird Brick Houses Limited is second to none. The experience that we have had with them as a company is that they have a very fast delivery service and are easy to deal with. I will have no hesitation to use the company again. The bird boxes provided are brilliant and are exactly what we expected and more. Overall we could not have asked for a better product and service.”

Martin Smith | Site Surveyor | Wates Living Space
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