Bat Boxes

Bat boxes (also referred to as bat tubes) can be supplied in brick fronted, half bond and quarter bond brickwork or alternatively with a stainless steel mesh fitted to the front. The mesh is designed for optimum adhesion in render and stonework applications. A basic version can be fitted directly behind weatherboarding or into studwork. For a quotation please click here.

Brick Bat Box, roosting nest box

Bat box, Stretcher bond brick fronted

These bat boxes are best positioned in sunlit clusters, at a height of 3-6 metres and ideally facing a variety of aspects as bats will move around a building as the seasons change. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your bat box plans – we have considerable expertise on the team.

This product makes an ideal bat house for most of the UK’s bat species, including Pipistrelles, who will use it for roosting, hibernating and (in maternity roosts) bringing up their young. The entrance hole and internal design can be tailored to suit different species of bat e.g. Bechstein’s and Serotine.

The box is self-cleaning thanks to an internal tilt board at the base; this works by diverting droppings out of the entrance hole. The back of each box is lined with wood; in front of this sits a removable untreated sawn timber baffle board which divides the main area into two, giving extra roosting space.

The bat boxes are supplied with a non-removable front as standard, as access is only permitted by licensed bat workers. Should removable fronts be required, please let us know at the point of order.

Bat bricks

These bricks are designed for use in bat and wildlife towers. They are available from stock in blue, red and buff; alternatively they can be manufactured in your preferred brick.

Bat bricks are not designed to be fitted to residential and commercial buildings as this would allow bats access to the entire cavity, potentially resulting in a contravention of bat protection legislation.

Bat Brick

Bat Box Gallery

Bat boxes
Brick fronted bat box Bat boxes for render or stone
Integral Bat Box
Bat in flight Bat photo
Bat boxes
Brick fronted bat box
Bat boxes for render or stone
Integral Bat Box
Bat in flight
Bat photo


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