Integrated bird box design

Bird Brick Houses are maintenance-free integrated bird and bat boxes, designed to be quick and easy to fit into the outside skin of 75mm and most 3″ brickwork courses. These include metric and most imperial UK bricks, where Stretcher, English or Flemish quarter bond is being used. Soldier bond can be accommodated via a modified box.

Standard Box

The back of the box protrudes into the cavity by around 25mm or 1″; the swift and starling boxes, being larger protrude by around 65mm or 2.5″ – margins which avoid bridging the cavity. While our core business is bulk manufacturing for fitting in new housing estates and industrial units (to counter the inevitable loss of habitat), Bird Brick Houses  can be supplied for retro-fitting into an existing structure, individually if required.

Our brick matching service includes the collection of bricks from the site, bricks which are then used to construct the Bird Brick Houses specified.  The finished bird homes are returned ready to fit. We also hold a supply of some commonly used bricks – please contact us for details.

An efficient manufacturing process allows us to deliver most orders within a working week following the safe receipt of bricks from the site.

The table below covers the most common species that are likely to be attracted, together with siting guidance.  It is not an exact science and it may be found that species other than the ones which may be targeted take up residence instead. It can also take time for birds and bats to start using the boxes.

Species Hole Size & Type Recommended height above ground
Blue Tit 28mm diameter 1.5 – 5 metres
Coal Tit 28mm diameter 1.5 – 5 metres
Crested Tit 28mm diameter 1.5 – 5 metres
Great Tit 28mm diameter 1.5 – 5 metres
Grey Wagtail 30mm square cut out 2 – 8 metres
House Sparrow 34mm diameter 2 – 10 metres
Nuthatch 34mm diameter 3 – 10 metres
Pied Fly Catcher 34mm diameter 2 – 4 metres
Redstart 40mm diameter 3 – 10 metres
Black Redstart 40mm diameter 2 – 8 metres
Spotted Fly Catcher 60mm diameter 2 – 5 metres
Starling 50mm diameter 3 – 10 metres
Tree Creeper 34mm diameter 1.5 – 5 metres
Swift 75mm cresent 5 – 10 metres
Wren 28mm diameter 1 – 4 metres
Bats 20mm high crescent at base 3 – 10 metres