Swift Boxes

This box has a crescent shaped hole  drilled at either 28mm or 35mm this can be varied  in the swift brick to one side of the box, allowing swifts access but restricting use by starlings or allowing starlings. Inside, a rough floor makes it easier for the birds to move around. The centre of the floor has a raised nest cup to assist the birds’ nest building. The ideal internal depth of a swift box is 140 mm, however if cavity width is limited, boxes can be manufactured with a reduced depth (minimum 100 mm). Please specify requirements at the point of order.

Brick fronted swift box Architects

Brick fronted swift box

Swift boxes can be supplied in brick fronted, half bond and quarter bond brickwork or alternatively with a stainless steel mesh fitted to the front. The mesh is designed for optimum adhesion in render and stonework applications. A basic version can be fitted directly behind weatherboarding or into studwork. For a quotation please click here.

Swift boxes are best positioned relatively high, at a height of 5-10 metres, ideally just under the eaves. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your swift box plans – we have considerable expertise on the team.

Swift boxes are supplied with a non-removable front as standard, however should removable fronts be required, please let us know at the point of order.