Wildlife Towers

This incredibly versatile tower is a mecca for wildlife. A huge number of species are attracted to this type of environment, away from human activity. In particular kestrels, barn owls and little owls will use the upper chamber; bats, swifts and many garden birds are accommodated within integral nesting boxes fitted in the brick supports. The possibilities and combinations are almost infinite – please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

The standard tower includes four bird or bat brick houses in the base walls, two on each flank. Up to four bat bricks (see gallery below) can be incorporated in the walls, two on each side, allowing access to the hollow flanks. The timber chamber has numerous nesting and roosting opportunities for bats and tits.

Construction options and delivery

Roof: – slate or tiles (concrete or clay).
Timber chamber: – chestnut, larch or oak.
Base walls: – stone or brick (any brick type or bond).
Delivery: – supplied in kit form or erected (subject to location).

For a quotation, due to the huge number of permutations available for this bespoke product, we suggest you contact us on 01323 483227 / 488732. If you prefer to send an email and request a call back please click here. Should you have an ecologist’s report available, please attach this to your email.

Wildlife tower gallery

large bird box
large bird box
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