Main House on Wildlife Tower

Our unique design

Introducing our premium tower design based on the original concept by The Barn Owl Conservation Network/Wildlife Conservation Partnership, meticulously crafted to offer a sanctuary for both feathered and winged friends in your garden haven. The standard tower showcases an elegant structure with four purpose-built bird or bat brick houses seamlessly integrated into the base walls—two on each flank – for a perfect union of form and function.

Uniquely tailored to cater to the needs of our avian and chiropteran companions, our tower allows for the inclusion of up to four bat bricks in the walls, with two on each side, providing convenient access to the hollow flanks. This thoughtful arrangement ensures a hospitable environment for a variety of bird species and bats, creating a thriving ecosystem right in your backyard.

At the core of the tower lies its timber chamber, artfully designed to offer a range of nesting and roosting opportunities for bats and tits alike. Our commitment to creating a habitat that prioritises the well-being and comfort of these remarkable creatures is evident in every aspect of our tower’s design.

Elevate your garden’s biodiversity

Elevate your garden space with a touch of eco-friendly sophistication, where nature and design seamlessly come together. Embrace the beauty of biodiversity with our premium tower—a testament to our dedication to crafting spaces that not only captivate the eye but also nurture the delicate balance of the natural world.


Supplied in kit form or erected – depending on location.

Get in touch

Due to the huge number of permutations available for this bespoke product, it’s easier to get in touch to talk about what you need. Call us on 01323 483227.

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