The Range

Our award winning unique design facilitates brick matched bird and bat boxes that blend with the host wall. Our considerable industry expertise is available to assist architects, developers and planners to meet planning requirements for biodiversity. Specially adapted boxes are available for render, stone and weatherboarding.


Bird Houses
The exact design is tailored at the production stage to attract your required target species. These bird boxes house a wide variety of UK birds, among them House Sparrows, Swifts, Starlings, Redstarts and Tits.
Bat Box
Bat Houses
Designed in conjunction with specialist ecologists, this wood lined box provides exactly the right environment for most of the UK’s bat species.
Other Products
We can supply traditional boxes to fix to walls and trees to provide homes for the likes of bats, birds, Barn Owls, Little Owls, Tawny Owls and even Dormice.
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